missouri pensions are healthy

ARC Payments & Market Returns The recent strain on financial markets has resulted in greater scrutiny over public funds and has sparked new discussions over how we evaluate the health of large retirement systems. Economic uncertainty coupled with isolated cases of gross underfunding have placed all pension funds under the watchful eye of the taxpayer. However, public pensions in the Show-Me State are among the nation’s most fiscally sound. Let’s take a closer look at Missouri’s five largest funds and see how they measure up.

Missouri pensions are healthy.

The five largest funds (LAGERS, MOSERS, MPERS, PSRS & PEERS) represent 73% of all public workers in the state and 80% of all assets. Public boards and sound investment practices result in transparency, accountability, and a strict commitment to making annual required contributions (ARC). These ARC payments reflect true pension health. All five funds have consistently made their annual required contributions. Additionally, market improvements and adjustments to actuarial assumptions have further strengthened these systems.

Pension Funding LevelsFunding levels are stable.

Four out of the five largest pension funds have an asset liability above the national average. Pension boards have addressed past weaknesses and made vital corrections to put funds on solid footing and position them for ample growth to secure the retirements of our aging workforce.

Retirement security is essential.

Reliable healthy pension funds will attract quality employees, preserve public service funding, and protect taxpayers. We must safeguard, not threaten, public worker retirement.